A conditional use permit (CUP) allows use on a property that’s not already allowed by right and requires additional review to ensure the requested use is appropriate for the proposed site. 

Applications are submitted to Planning & Community Development and then considered by the Planning Commission, which makes a recommendation to the City Council. 

Ultimately, CUPs must be approved by the Council before a project can move forward. The process includes public hearings and can take several months. A standard CUP costs $1,090.

Conditional Use Permit Process

Pre‐Application Meeting

Meet with a City planner by email, phone, or in‐person to discuss your CUP application prior to submittal. This step is optional but encouraged. 

Application Submitted

Submit your application through Accela or in person at the Department of Planning & Community Development, 2875 Sabre St., Suite 500. The deadline is the first business day of each month. 

Application Review

The application is assigned to a staff planner and reviewed by City departments (Public Works, Public Utilities, Parks & Recreation, etc.). Staff then formulates a recommendation for Planning Commission's consideration. 

Public Notice #1

Notification signs are posted on the subject property by the applicant 30 days prior to the Planning Commission public hearing and remain posted through the City Council public hearing. The City mails notification letters to all adjacent property owners and advertises the CUP request twice in The Virginian‐Pilot as well as on the City website.

Planning Commission Public Hearing

The Planning Commission reviews City staff recommendations regarding the CUP application and considers the request during a public hearing. Members of the public also have an opportunity to voice their opinion of the application during the meeting and the Commission votes to send a recommendation of approval or denial to the City Council. 

Public Notice #2

Notification signs must remain posted on the subject property until the City Council public hearing. The City mails notification letters to all adjacent property owners and advertises the CUP request twice in The Virginian‐Pilot as well as on the City website.

City Council Public Hearing

The City Council reviews both staff and Planning Commission recommendations during a public hearing, which also provides another opportunity for public input on the application. Afterwards, the Council may choose to approve, deny or defer the application. 

Decision Letter

The results of the City Council's decision are forwarded to the applicant, property owner and representative.