The vision for the Rosemont SGA is a mixed-use development with a neighborhood center, improved pedestrian and trail facilities, and a street and block structure created to accommodate development and mobility. 

It will be a leading example of sustainable development practices, integrate high-quality, well-designed workforce housing and assure proper guidelines and standards for land use, street and open spaces.

Interested in developing in the Rosemont SGA?

Virginia Beach welcomes projects of all shapes and sizes, and the City’s Planning staff can help guide new development ideas from conception to final inspections. 

Development Liaisons are available based on a project’s proposed location, development type and current phase.

​​​The SGA Now

The Rosemont SGA is a 158-acre area in the center of the city east of the Pembroke SGA along the Interstate-264/Virginia Beach Boulevard corridor. It is defined by a heavily used roadway system that is further complicated by the confluence of a railroad crossing and an interchange ramp system in proximity to one another. 

The land use of this area is characterized by suburban strip commercial and multifamily residential uses along Virginia Beach Boulevard and is encompassed by established, single-family neighborhoods.

​​​​​The Plan

With improved connectivity and mobility, the Rosemont SGA Master Plan details a transition from an auto-oriented retail strip to a mixed-use, transit-oriented neighborhood center at higher densities. 

Market potential is created by the introduction of transit and reconceived commercial development with complementary infrastructure to serve the needs of a growing population through multifamily housing within easy walking distance of transit and neighborhood amenities. 

Key Recommendations

  • Create an implementable series of private and public projects that can be packaged together to transform the heart of the city.
  • Design a “transit ready” framework that permits adequate scale and density coupled with successive phasing of public investment to unlock a corresponding return on investment.
  • Promote redevelopment through building the Sentara Way flyover and other new connections within the SGA, supporting potential development, and improvements along South Plaza Trail.
  • No industrial uses are recommended for this area.
  • Introduce the residential neighborhoods south of Virginia Beach Boulevard by realigning Bonney Road, creating more regular development blocks to allow for higher density development, organized around parking garages, and liner buildings.
  • Establish criteria to humanize Virginia Beach Boulevard. New development along the boulevard to create a village core, and the surrounding lower-density residential neighborhoods will support the commercial uses and transit options introduced.