The vision for the Hilltop SGA is a convenient, regional retail destination that's close to the beach.

Interested in developing in the Hilltop SGA?

Virginia Beach welcomes projects of all shapes and sizes, and the City’s Planning staff can help guide new development ideas from conception to final inspections. 

Development Liaisons are available based on a project’s proposed location, development type and current phase.

The SGA Now

This SGA is home to a wealth of local businesses with a variety of retail, restaurant, office, health and recreational uses. 

Though this area is located within a high noise zone, it is a good candidate for redevelopment and reinvestment because of its existing commercial strength and its proximity to the Oceanfront Resort Area, Oceana Naval Air Station, and Interstate 264 interchange. 

The area south of I-264 is subject to greater Air Installation Compatible Use Zone restrictions due to the presence of accident potential zones and the clear zone.

​​​​The Plan

The Hilltop SGA Master Plan represents a unique opportunity to enhance an established retail market area with a distinct identity. With improved streets, sidewalks, crosswalks, landscaping and lighting that will transform Hilltop into a walkable district. 

Over time, existing retail buildings will be replaced with new ones built facing the new streets. The suburban pattern of highways lined with parking lots and strip centers will gradually give way to a new pedestrian friendly mixed-use district.

Key Recommendations

  • Incorporate an Urban Tree Canopy Program within the Hilltop SGA to create a pedestrian friendly environment and aid stormwater management.
  • Define a clear hierarchy of streets to establish a structure of development blocks and reconnect places. Major street improvements should support urban, walkable environments that are positioned to service growth.
  • Build upon the existing natural resources to expand access to public open spaces through an interconnected system of parks and trails.
  • Evaluate repositioning the proposed transit station to the core of the Hilltop SGA with street and trail improvements to promote transit-oriented economic development.
  • Encourage redevelopment of obsolete commercial structures with new buildings placed according to new urban planning standards for the district.