The vision for the Centerville SGA is to become an education-oriented master-planned community that capitalizes on the regional access and visibility provided by Interstate 64 and the existing institutional anchors of Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and Regent University.

Interested in developing in the Centerville SGA?

Virginia Beach welcomes projects of all shapes and sizes, and the City’s Planning staff can help guide new development ideas from conception to final inspections. Development Liaisons are available based on a project’s proposed location, development type and current phase.

​​​The SGA Now

The Centerville SGA’s primary asset is its large expanse of undeveloped land fronting I-64, which offers great economic development potential for future corporate office headquarters and expansion area for Regent University. The biggest challenges for future development in this SGA are the two waste management operations and heavy traffic congestion.

This SGA is unique from others because it consists of several large-scale ownership and single-use areas, such as Regent University, CBN, as well as both city and private landfills. The relationship between these uses and their impact on one another and surrounding residential neighborhoods deserves special consideration.

​​​​​The Plan

The Centerville SGA Master Plan seeks to improve the development potential of areas already served by City infrastructure prior to expanding the City’s footprint into undeveloped areas. This approach maximizes the return on in-place public investments, fixes many of the Centerville SGA’s edges to allow for the eventual growth of its center, and recognizes the challenges associated with the landfill’s long-term presence and operation.

Over time, the undeveloped land west of Centerville Turnpike will be developed. As it does so, the plan outlines a flexible network of infrastructure that can accommodate several different uses in proximity with one another. Growing campus needs will therefore be able to mix organically with office program, residential expansion and service retail development.

Key Recommendations

  • Regenerate existing developed areas to capitalize on existing public infrastructure investments.
  • Build a mixed-use center for Centerville.
  • Improve connections to existing parks and the Regent University campus through expanded trail networks.
  • Mitigate impacts to the Elizabeth River through stormwater best management practices.
  • Continue to diversify housing choices including workforce housing.
  • Improve the jobs/housing balance to increase capture rate and decrease traffic congestion.
  • Identify immediate and interim actions for landfills to effectively mitigate adverse impacts.
  • Pursue a joint planning strategy with the City of Chesapeake.
  • Build a transportation infrastructure network that combines safety, equity, choice and economy.
  • Create an education-oriented, master-planned community as a unique identity for the Centerville SGA.