Except for City-owned rights-of-way, all the land in Virginia Beach has a designated Zoning District. These districts are defined by the City's Zoning Ordinance, which outlines regulations applicable to each district. 

Regulations include minimum yard requirements (also known as setbacks), landscaping requirements, and allowable land uses.

The ordinance was enacted to promote and protect the health, safety and general welfare of Virginia Beach residents, and encourages the most desirable use of the land for residential, recreational, agricultural and other purposes, as well as desirable population densities, as guided by the City's Comprehensive Plan

It also encourages the most appropriate use and occupancy of buildings, promotes good civic design and arrangement, and protects and improves the quality of the waters within and adjacent to the city.

Reasonable standards for the location, height, bulk, and size of buildings and other structures are outlined in the City's zoning ordinances, as well as yard areas, courts, off-street parking facilities and other open spaces.

Amendments to Virginia Beach's City Code, including the Zoning Ordinance, are usually included within two months of City Council approval.

Residential Zoning Illustrated

A visual guide to understanding key aspects of the City of Virginia Beach Zoning Ordinance.